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The Training Advantage is a management training and consulting organization. We have tools and training for reframing to help organizations, teams and individuals look at problems and opportunities from new angles. Some seminars we run are:

We design and deliver leadership and management training to create high performance organizations in a wide variety of fields ranging from finance to telecommunications. Seminars concentrate on measurable skills used in a daily business context like making decisions, influencing others, and providing leadership. We create programs that are involving and practical by focusing on individual participants' strengths and on their styles working within a group. They start with an update of the most useful management and leadership theories as they're being used in leading organizations. Participants practice using the most effective new tools in realistic business situations. Then, they are guided to apply these new skills to their real world business issues. We also do executive coaching and repositioning.

Our consultants include:

The Training Advantage, US

Sabra Brock, President, Biography

Amy Lui Abel, Biography

Pamela Andrews, Biography

Megan Tobin, Biography





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